[English] Fajeth's MegaModPack

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  • OMG ive been waiting for this moment! :D Thanks alot Fajeth! :D:D:D

    One issue i found was when i started the game in 1920x1080 resolution the game would freeze at the logo video and i had to reboot ALT CLTR DEL didnt work. If anyone else had that issue just change in config.ini
    // Show the splash screen at programm startup (0:no 1:on (default) )
    SplashScreen= 1 <--- change to a 0.

  • I have the steam version of G2-Renaissance, but even when I set the file path to the correct location for the G2 exe, it refuses to install your mod..

    Gutted cause I really want to try out this mod, particularly the bug fixing!

  • Where do I put it, I've put it in the main folder of G2R but I'm not sure if the mod is functioning, guess I have to do something with the .exe

    Some clear and concise steps would be appreciated