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    Hey... there ist no english version :(
    But there is a language file because I developed the browser game so that it theoretically supports several languages.there is also a community project for translation but that is not yet finished.I can gladly send you the German language file.

    Thank you Mok, I look forward to it! As soon as I receive it, I will get to work :)

    Mok, is there currently a ENG version? If not could you email me over the text files, and I will start on translating them. I would love to play with you all, and while I cannot promise my translation's would be perfect, it will grammatically make sense in ENG :) You rock MOK, massive respect sir.

    Hey, if you create a new game and host it, does the OOS still happen right away? I assume it was working with him before?

    First and foremost, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the Guild 2 a better game. I have used your mod for years, and it has made almost every aspect of the game better. In all honesty, however, I just recently found these forums and the wonderful fact you are still developing the mod. I want to support you, and I will... but I have to ask. How much money would it actually take for a completely "Out Of Sync" error-free game over LAN? Surely there is a clever way to look for whatever exception is being thrown and negate that problem accordingly, or simply a more streamlined recovery whenever the client becomes OOS. To be fair, it's 100x better than the stock variant of the game, and once again I have nothing but admiration for you... I just want to support that cause in whatever monetary way I can, and I would personally much rather finally after all these years having an OOS error-free game than what any feature could give me. How much would it cost to have you work on the remainder of the bugs for a month that are causing these issues? Tell me, and I promise I will personally get you the funding to do so... that being said it might be a deeper issue that would require more time, however, I am willing to find you the funding to continue that justifiable amazing cause. Once again, Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.