[English] Fajeth's MegaModPack

  • Greeting Fajeth,huuge respect for keeping this game alive until The Guild 3 comes out with version 1.0 (cause this early access seems more like a rough alpha drawing).
    One thing i noticed now when i started using the steam version, its some sort of a bug where churches (only churches,not any other bussines) continue to buy and seel carts on its osn, no matter if i set to manual.
    Also mercenary fortress AI management seems off, it ONLY sets rouges on "collect tarrifs" mission, and all 5 of them stand at the same spot,colliding with each other. I would really like it to mix missions up a bit, some "ask for protection" here and there maybe.
    Thats it, all the rest is perfect ( perfect as much as one The Guild game can be).
    All the best !

  • Fajeth mate i love ur mod its hard to play without it . i really hope it will get a 1.0 release and u will fix all the bugs from this mod and from the game itselfs but only ofc if u have time for that since ur 31 atm and u may have kids /partner and reallife stuff but that flame of hope will remain as always