[English] Fajeths MegaModPack - current status

  • Hey everybody,

    Today I would like to inform you about a little part of the changelog :)
    Therefore I would like to refer to the rogue in this post. For the other characters more posts will follow.
    Especially the wenches has been fundamentally improved by these changes :)

    - Wenches no longer walk through the city, they stay at the place they are supposed to
    - Children are no longer possible targets for wenches
    - The AI now sends wenches either to the market place or to places predefined on the maps
    - The charisma of wenches now influences how successful they are in "attracting" customers
    - The radius of influence of wenches has been increased
    - Wenches now work 24 hours a day like other crooks
    - Pirate ships of the KI no longer attack fishing boats
    - The AI now regularly repairs damaged workshops
    - The AI now upgrades their workshops, if they meet the conditions

    If you want to give us feedback, please do not hesitate to do so :)

    If you are interested, you can test this mod right now. Please contact Fajeth
    Here you can contact us:
    ➡️Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/diegilde3
    ➡️Discord: https://discord.gg/HQsWnKe

    In the next days, I will write another post about the craftsmen :)

    See you soon...
    Erik :)

  • Hello together,
    Today I would like to go into more detail about the new dress colours of the modpack.

    Especially the colours black, dark green and red have changed quite a bit, haven't they? :)
    Do you find the new colours better than the previous ones?
    If you don't like them, this is a little announcement for you:VSX is also currently working on a small editor, so that everyone will be able to set the colours on their own.

    In the next article I will present again a character group :)

    You can also find us here:
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    ➡️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diegilde3/

  • Welcome together to another post,

    as I announced, I would like to introduce the craftsman to you here today.
    Whether you run a foundry, a weaving mill or even a masonry workshop, or even just a mine, these changelogs maybe still interest you:

    - When mining "stone blocks" the character always ran back and forth between the company and the mining site until his inventory was full and only then, he unloaded his inventory. This no longer occurs! :)
    - The AI now repairs damaged workshops regularly
    - The AI now upgrades their workshops, if they reach the conditions
    - If AI management is activated, the assistant (e.g. the mine) will sell items, which you do not produce on the market and thus give you some coins :)
    - You can now use every available auditor, there is no cool down anymore. But you can only check each company once every 48 hours. You will also lose a lot of favour with the manager and his employees
    - Employees now take a little longer to move up one level

    I will now further upgrade my masonry and wish you a lot of fun playing "The Guild" today :)
    Good luck

    You can also find us here:

    ➡️Discord: discord.gg/HQsWnKe
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  • Hi there,

    Today I would like to present to you in this post the first part on the professional field of the scholar.

    As a scholar, you can lead for example a tincturei, a cathedral, a tomb or a healing room in The Guild 2 in Fajeth's Modpack.

    The following Vanilla Bugs are currently being worked on:
    - The "poisoned cake" did not lower the fighting power of the victim.
    - The measure "Arrange for treatment" (~healing room) could hang itself. The script was also optimised.
    - Healers now remember "their" bed correctly and also no longer stand at already occupied beds to treat other patients.
    - The script of the measure "Use Thesis Paper" had a critical error.
    - Cooldown when applying the bone bracelet was wrong
    - When a pawn shop is demolished or put up for sale, the credit account is now also paid out.
    - For "witch documents", no EPs were granted.
    - "Unkendunk" could be used several times against the same target.
    - It was not possible to perceive "Unkendunk" as a crime.

    The following has already been changed:
    - "Medical treatments" increased the popularity of the owner of the healing room. ➡️ makes the job of the healer more attractive for the player
    - If patients are waiting for a "medical treatment" without having a designated healer, the owner of the hospital will be notified.
    - Victims of "witch documents" are now notified that "something strange has happened", provided their empathy talent is great enough.
    - Witch Documents" now create evidence with different random victims.

    Which job of the scholar do you find the best?
    Personally, I am very happy about the new changes for the healer job, as I think it has been improved a lot :D

    ➡️Facebook: facebook.com/diegilde3/
    ➡️Discord: discord.gg/HQsWnKe

  • Hey dear community,

    as announced I would like to present you today the second part of the scholar.

    The following has already been changed:
    - A change of faith is now credited to the church owner.
    - The 'Witch's Robe' no longer causes a malus.
    - You can no longer hire employees who are being courted
    - The search for higher-level employees (journeymen and master craftsmen) in the measure 'Hire random employees' is working again
    - Higher level employees no longer lose their experience after being hired.
    - A safety check has been built in to ensure that the initial company employee is not ill and has the correct standard equipment.

    I´m interested to know which of you likes to play the scholar. Do you enjoy playing the scholar in Guild 2?

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  • Hey, everybody,

    today, I would like to inform you, about the changelogs, which concern the court and council meetings

    - The meeting script has been completely replaced and restructured!
    - The possibility to bribe or compliment during court and council meetings has been removed.
    Reasons such as bug vulnerability, balancing and the time it has taken for these deliberations are cited. You now need to prepare yourself better for meetings :)
    - Cooldown at the measure "Reichspolitik" now works

    What is your opinion? Are you looking forward to the latest version of the modpack from Fajeth?
    Do you have any suggestions for improvement, what should be implemented?

    Apart from that I wish you a wonderful weekend :)

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  • Hey, everybody,

    today I have something very special for you.

    Dear Fajeth has set to work and has now added something:
    The measure "enchant someone" has now been re-recorded and will now have more influence on your success.

    I have recorded a little video for you, which is quite funny :)
    Once with rhetorical talent 1 and once with rhetorical talent 12 ;)

    I wish you a lot of fun watching it! :)

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  • today we will talk about our youngest characters...

    ...the children :)

    Also with these characters a lot has happened in the modpack:
    - Children are no longer targets of wenches
    - During game start AI children have no longer the same sex
    - Improved and added new character faces (men, women and children)
    - There are now no more problems in the behaviour of the children if the AI did not live in one house
    - Child behaviour is now no longer erroneous and inperformanent

    Thus, even the youngest citizens have been extensively revised. :)

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  • Hi there,

    we hope you all had a good start into December :)

    Today we would like to present you some new changelogs:
    - Disease "Leprosy"
    When the disease leprosy infects the character loses favour with his fellow citizens
    - polluted well makes sick
    - Perfume Cooldown
    Perfume only once every 2 hours

    We are very happy to keep you informed about the current state of development and wish you a nice December - stay healthy :)

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  • Dear Community,

    on a beautiful Saturday afternoon I would like to introduce two new changes in Fajeth's MegaModPack.

    - carts with SupplyWorkshop now return home if no needs remain
    - AI workshops will now get resources from own workshops if possible

    By the way, this picture, which I made for you, is from the map Heiligenblut.
    It shows the market place of the small village Lendorf :)

    With these impressions I wish you a wonderful rest of Saturday and I am looking forward to welcoming you on our Discord! There you can talk to the developers and the team at any time and test the mod package :)

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